Apricot season in Austria means the same to me every year. A two-hour drive to the „Wachau“ (this place is famous for its delicious apricots) with my mom, buying at least 15 kilograms of them, sitting in a café for an hour, driving home and spending hours in the kitchen making home-made jam. The leftovers always end up in the freezer as we buy too many apricots everytime. I’ve loved these trips as a child, and now as I’m older I actually enjoy using the fruits as well…


Fluffy, Vegan Apricot Cake

Look at this beauty! I haven’t come up with a healthy version of it yet, but I’ll keep working on it! Still I have to share this recipe with you as well, as it tastes just so good.


What you’ll need

  • 300g cake flour (I used wheat)
  • 125g sugar
  • 125ml vegetable oil (I used canola oil as it’s not sensitive to heat)
  • 250ml plant milk (I used rice)
  • 30ml cider vinegar
  • 15g baking powder
  • about 10 Apricots (depending on size and taste, without stone, cut in half)
  • Vanilla to taste


It’s actually pretty easy. Pre-heat oven to 180°C. Mix dry ingredients until the clumps are gone (flour, sugar, baking powder, vanilla). Separately, mix the wet ones (oil, plant milk, vinegar). Put everything in a food processor, mix it until the dough is creamy. Spread on baking sheet, put apricot halfs on top (about 2cms apart). Bake until there’s a crust on the outside (about 20-30mins, every oven’s different, so watch carefully!). Take out of the oven. Enjoy!

Macros for the whole cake: approx. 2900 calories (387 Carbs, 131 Fat, 40 Protein)
As I said, I’m working on a healthier, low-fat version already – stay tuned!

DSC_0030If you try the recipe please let me know if you liked it! If you post it on Instagram you can tag me (melaniemut) and use the hashtag #melsgreenkitchen. Show me your creations!